Friday, 10 January 2014


 Monitoring and Evaluation officer (M&E) Mr Denice (in front) and  Malinyi ward Health Extension officer posting Nutrition poster (SBCC) at Malinyi dispensary
 Mr Willbroad Kawemama CEMDO-MWANZO BORA (nutritionist) and Mr Kipepe Malinyi Village Community Health Worker  (CHW) mentoring and coaching on home and farm vegetables crops for nutrition factors. 
M & E Officer (Mr.Denuice (Standing) providing the SBCC kits which contain nutrition message to Health Ext Worker at Malinyi Dispensary.
 Mrs  Grace Mapunda Peer support group (PSG) explaining the challenges to CEMDO-MBNP Nutritionist and Social worker (Mr. George Masandu "in between") their facing during disseminating nutrition information to the community at her vegetable garden..READ MORE


Over the Quarter one of year three program implementation CEMDO teams has managed to sensitize community members from Biro, Malinyi, Mtimbira, Sofi, Mwaya, Lupiro, Milola, Usangule and Mahenge wards to establish home gardens where by some PSGs encouraged and started to establish home gardens of sweet potatoes leaves “Metembele”, pumpkin leaves and spinach. To support it we manage to distribute some of the vegetable seeds to PSGs at Biro whereby different type 3 tomatoes, 3 Nyanyachungu, 2 Spinanch like plant, 3 Bilinganya, 2 Chinesse and 3 sweet pepper seeds distributed.  And also we manage to distribute the seeds of Orange fresh sweet potatoes to Usangule A CHWs, for the purpose of to increase the accessibility which can be distributed in other area where the project implemented.

CEMDO-Mwanzo Bora Nutrition Program ” SUCCESFUL STORY

Mwanzo Bora Nutrition Program (MBNP) is a 5-year bilateral integrated nutrition program funded by USAID being implemented by a Consortium Partners namely Africare (Prime), COUNSENUTH, The Manoff Group and Deloitte in collaboration with Prime Minister’s Office, Tanzania Food and Nutrition Centre and Ministry of Health. The overall goal of the program is to improve the nutritional status of Under five children, pregnant and lactating women in Tanzania, with specific focus on reducing maternal anemia and child stunting by at least 20% in Manyara, Morogoro and Dodoma.

In morogoro this program implemented in seven (7) districts namely Morogoro municipal, Mvomero, Kilombero, Gairo, Kilosa, Morogoro Vijijini and Ulanga. In Ulanga district CEMDO was selected as sub-grantee to implement this program in 18 wards with total number of 51 villages.

In Quarter one (1) October-December for year three project implementation progress of MBNP at Ulanga district. CEMDO-MBNP reveals that attitude and behavior for community toward men for performing domestic chores and helping women in taking care of children it’s a challenge. Through that challenge which can leads to child stunting and maternal anemia, CEMDO manage to make much emphasize and encourage the target group (Siku 1000) through nutrition technical support for changing social behavior through coaching, mentoring and counseling PSGs.

At Malinyi ward as a case study we succeeded to change community behavior perception for men to support wife in taking care their child and performing domestic chores. Good example Mr Castor Kadwela from Malinyi village manages to support wife in taking care their child and in performing domestic chores.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Uongozi na Wafanyakazi wote wa CEMDO -TZ wanawatakia sikukuu njema ya chrismas na Mwaka mpya 2014

Tunapenda kuwatakia sikukuu njema ya christmas na mwaka mpya 214.
Karibu tujipange kwa kutokemeza Udumavu kwa watoto chini ya miaka 2 na Vifo kwa mama wajawazito 2014.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013


 Afisa Lishe bwana Willbroad Kawemama (Kushoto) na Afisa Mtathimini na mfuatiliaji (Kulia) wakitoa elimu ya lishe katika kituo cha afya Malinyi Wilaya Ulanga mkoa Morogoro.